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Addis Ababa Fashion Week
About Us
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Our Business Philosophy

The objective of our Addis Ababa Fashion Week is to provide a high quality product and reliable service for our Partners. We hope to assist young Ethiopian designers and Aspiring fashion models by providing a unique platform for them to showcase their talents for the World to see, Our International guest exhibitors can also benefit from this platform. We hope you will enjoy visiting our web site and will join us at Addis Ababa Fashion Week 2007.

Our Company Philosophy

For a long time now there has not been an avenue for young Ethiopian fashion designers and fashion models to be seen and recognised not only in Ethiopia but outside Ethiopia, and as a result they continue to struggle to make it in the fashion business. However we aim to change this, we believe that every country that has a fashion industry needs a Fashion Week to display the best of the best to the world and we believe that Ethiopia is no different, especially with the African Growth opportunity Act. This is a very important benefit for African countries and we strongly believe that Ethiopia should be taking advantage of this and this is the main focus of Addis Ababa Fashion Week and why we have introduced it. We aim to disseminate the full text of the Act to local Ethiopians fashion designers help them to understand it in detail, and assist them to benefit from this Act thus creating valuable jobs in the Ethiopian Textile & fashion sectors.

Why Addis Ababa?

Addis Ababa is relatively under exposed as a source of upcoming and innovative fashion trends, but that is not to say that there are no innovations taking place here in Addis. We have some of the finest cotton and specialist weavers to create almost unimaginable pattern combinations, and the low coat of labour is translated into huge savings for international fashion designers, with this in mind Addis Ababa fashion week is the logical platform for any aspiring designer wanting to be noticed,


We are in no doubt that Addis Ababa Fashion Week will be a fertile breeding ground, and the most likely place for breakthrough fashion trends and designers to be discovered, since the major designers and fashion houses will not be stealing the limelight, you have a very good opportunity to get noticed,


We do not pretend the we can take on the likes of Paris, Milan, London or New York fashion weeks, what we offer is an alternative or complimentary product, which will allow you to showcase your collections, since we are working with young designers, whom have not been exposed, you have the ability to shine in such an environment and any publicity is good publicity in this business,


Addis Ababa fashion week is sure to make waves in the industry worldwide, with the likes of BBC, CNN Reuters and top rated Fashion TV all expected to be in attendance as are some of the top fashion magazines in the world, what more could a designer ask for?


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Ethiopian Fashion week


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