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Addis Ababa Fashion Week

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Fashion Week comes to

Addis Ababa in 2007!!!


Welcome to our website and we are delighted to be finally able to proudly hold a Fashion Week in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, it will be the biggest thing to hit Ethiopia in a long time and we are proud to be associated with this venture. Now Ethiopia can take on the rest of the World and show them what talented designers we have.


We are expecting designers from around the World to come to Addis Ababa and mix with local Ethiopian, and African designers to showcase their extensive collections, in what promises to be a very colourful collection of designs and ideas


This event has be a long time coming, not to mention long over due but we are finally glad that it is happening.


We are extremely grateful to the World Fashion Council and its President, for granting the franchise license to allow Addis Ababa Fashion Week commence




The one and only
Liya Kebede
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